Ignition Creative

An engaging, easy-to-navigate, and optimized website experience to browse campaigns done by Ignition Creative, an entertainment advertising agency.
Ignition Creative
December 2023

Project Brief

Corl West was approached by Ignition Creative, a leading entertainment advertising agency in Los Angeles and London, to redesign their website to better target their user's needs and show off their incredible quality & breadth of work.

The goal was to deliver an engaging, easy-to-navigate, and optimized website experience for potential clients to browse the work from each respective office.



To kick off the project, the team at Corl West began by collecting requirements from Ignition's stakeholders and users.

Conducting user research to understand the needs and behaviors of users on Ignition's current site. This included user interviews, heat maps, and Google Analytics analysis.

Based on the research we found that users wanted:

  • Clearer affordances (form = function)
  • Faster access to content (utilize space above the fold)
  • A simplified navigation (location selector cookies and clear menu hierarchy)
  • More functionality to browse (search and filter features)


Using the research as a guide, we created wireframes to map out the site's new layout and navigation. We then reviewed and refined with stakeholders to ensure alignment with Ignition's goals and objectives.

After finalizing the wireframes, the team at Corl West got to work on the design of the website. We kept the design clean and modern with a focus on simplified browsing.

Throughout the project, we worked closely with the team at Ignition to guarantee that the end result met their needs and exceeded their expectations. As well as the development team to validate technical feasibility of the designed functionality.

Once the design was finalized, we packaged the requirements and design into a solution blueprint for a streamlined hand-over to the development team and worked closely with them throughout the process to ensure design quality.


The final product was a beautifully designed website that accurately represented Ignition's brand and effectively met the needs of their users.

In conclusion, with a little bit of research, wireframing, design, and top-notch development, Ignition's website went from being over-complicated to a simply effortless browsing experience for users.

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