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Los Angeles, California, USA

Some Questions, Some Answers

Why Corl West?

Corl West consists of all developer-adept designers, so specs are always accurate to what’s possible. No more back and forth between designer and developers. Saving you money and time.

How long is the UX process?

This can vary between a one week turnaround to a continuous partnership. It all depends on the size of the project scope, but generally we recommend allocating 1-3 months for your user experience design to provide an optimal return on investment.

What are your prices?

Depending on the service, we have fixed package rates and/or hourly rates. Learn more about our fixed-rate packages on our Pricing page. Our hourly rates start at $80/hr.

Do you do graphic design?

Yes! Graphic design services are included on all website redesigns. We also offer individual graphic design services – we've helped clients with their marketing, key art, style guides, reports, brochures, and more.

What value do I get with UX design?

UX research and design allows businesses to build platforms that:

  • Increase customers
  • Decrease time to complete tasks
  • Decrease development back and forth
  • Increase standing in the marketplace
  • Increase product adoption